Oil & Gas / Commercial

Rabalais & Hebert provides oil and gas title analysis and opinions, as well as litigation services to independent operators, service companies, and other interests.  The types of cases successfully litigated range from disputes regarding an operator's alleged failure to properly develop a gas reservoir to royalty disputes to product liability issues over failure of rig components, as well as issues pertaining to indemnification and hold harmless agreements, insurance coverage for oilfield operations, and suits involving personal injury and property damage occurring on land, on vessels, and on platforms.

Both Steve Rabalais and Chris Hebert are also experienced in Act 312/"legacy" litigation involving alleged oilfield contamination from historical oil and gas operations.  Recently, Steve Rabalais spoke at the Professional Landmen's Association of New Orleans (PLANO) Executive Night Seminar on the topic of "The Act 312 Settlement Process." 
For a copy of Mr. Rabalais' presentation, please click here or use the Contact Us feature of the website.
The firm also handles construction defect cases, commercial litigation, contractual disputes, real estate transactions, and corporate / L.L.C. formation.